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What Makes Our Cakes Unique

The uniqueness of our cakes lies in the guarantee that each and every cake from our bakery is passionately hand-made and packed full with the best quality premium ingredients. All cakes are made using traditional baking methods with the emphasis on making a consistent product, ensuring that every cake is as good as the last.

We use delicious imported NZ/Australian butter, real fruits (not puree), imported Philadelphia cheese, Belgian gourmet chocolate to name but four key ingredients. There is absolutely no place in our recipe for preservatives, artificial colouring or cake mixes. The majority of our cakes use only 100% natural ingredients.



We simply prefer our cakes to be remembered for being overflowing with quality ingredients and as much of natural goodness as possible. We simply wish to offer higher quality cakes for the discerning consumer as opposed to the innumerable cake products easily available in the general market which are mass-manufactured and bloated with preservatives, artificial flavours, colours and hollow-ish filling.

Hence we aim to be attentive and generous in optimizing the cakes' ingredients to the very fullest to achieve that unparalleled distinction in taste, texture and flavour. And of course, knowing how to skillfully combine and blend those ingredients do help in giving our cakes that further “kick”.



All our cakes are freshly created as close to the time of delivery as possible. Once created, our cakes are stored mindfully (in the fridge or temperature friendly cabinets) to ensure the quality is not compromised.


As the delivery time looms, the cake will then be packed in our beautifully decorated carton-box for delivery. The delivery process in itself is carefully thought of so that the cake reaches you fresh and in impeccable shape.


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