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source site Tips On Caring For Your Cake

payday loan services lubbock Here at Su's we take great pride in every cake that leaves our bakery. As all our cakes are created with natural ingredients without any preservatives, we hope some simple tips here will help you care for the cakes and hence retain their quality longer for your enjoyment.

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For Chilled Cheesecakes

go here Once you take delivery of the chilled cheesecakes, you can either devour them immediately or promptly put them into the refrigerator (mid-level). Safe-guarded by the cold temperature of the fridge, Su's chilled cheesecakes can be enjoyed up to five (5) days from delivery date.

As the name implies, we recommend serving these chilled cheesecakes, chilled, obviously. Cut the cakes into slices only when you wish to serve them. Avoid displaying the cheesecakes under direct sunlight or no more than 30 minutes under room temperature.

We don't recommend storing it in the freezer.

For Baked Cheesecakes

capital one blank check auto loan dealers Similarly, you can immediately consume the baked cheesecakes fresh upon delivery. If you decide to savour them slowly our baked cheesecakes should be stored in the fridge (whereby it can last for up to 5 days from delivery date). We don't recommend storing them under room temperature as the cheese in the cakes prefers cold-ish temperature to preserve its freshness.

Do remember to cover them up in a large container (or leave them in the original box) while stored in the fridge to best maintain its taste and texture. Finally, it might surprise some of you, but baked cheesecakes apparently are best served chilled (i.e. straight from the fridge). You might just like to try that to taste the difference.

For Oven-baked Cakes

enter Our oven baked cakes be stored for up to 3 days (from delivery date) in the fridge. Remember to protect them by covering them up in a large container (or leave them in the original box) while stored in the fridge to best maintain its taste and texture.

As this range of cakes is best served under room temperature, do allow them to thaw (at room temperature) for around 30 minutes before serving. As you thaw them, remember to cover up the cakes in case they attract hungry flies and other predators.

Note - The abovementioned expiry period for the cakes is an estimated guide and may vary base on the conditions of your refrigerator.  Your Reflections  |  Contact   |   Link

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