Cheese Cakes (chilled)

Our chilled cheese cakes come with a crust base that is delicately made with imported crunchy digestive biscuits blended with NZ/Australian butter. We then construct the filling by meticulously mixing top-grade Philadelphia cream cheese with sugar and milk among other ingredients (and flavours). The filling is then layered onto the crust base culminating in a rich and creamy, yet appetizingly light and sumptuous cheesecake. Suffice to say our cheesecakes emanate an invigorating fragrance, complemented by bold refreshing tastes and smooth texture. Chill out with our cheese cakes and it'll definitely rejuvenate your passion for the good life.

- No Of Layer : 2 (unless stated otherwise) 
- Base : Imported Digestive Biscuits (crushed) unless stated otherwise 
- Filling: Philadelphia cream cheese blended with cream plus other ingredientsand individually flavoured with durian, lychee, mango, chocolate, blueberry (take your pick) etc. 
- Topping : varied by cake type and flavour 
- Measurement : Approximately 8 x 8 inches square in shape. 
- Weight : approximately 1.5kg or 750gms  
- Price : RM 110.00 (1.5kg), RM70.00 (750gms). Please note - Prices for Durian cheese cake is RM130.00 (1.5kg) and RM80.00 (750gms)

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