Oven Baked Cakes

Our hand made oven baked cakes taste sensational as we do not compromise on ingredients and quality. We optimally blend the best quality ingredients (flour, butter, eggs etc), ensure the cakes enter the oven at the right temperature and are evenly exposed to the right amount of heat. The cakes' fragrant aroma and lovely texture gradually surface with a beautiful moistness right to their edges. Just choose your preferred flavour and be impressed by the extent our cakes are packed chock-full with all the essential ingredients.

- No Of Layer : 1 (unless stated otherwise) 
- Topping : varied by cake type and flavour 
- Measurement : Depending on cake type. Either approximately 9 inches 
diameter round in shape or 8x8 inches square in shape. Round shaped
unless otherwise stated. 
- Weight : please see individual description
 as we have introduced smaller       sizes for some cakes.  And if you need really large cakes i.e. 3kg above,        do call us for a quote. 
- Price : please see individual description 

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