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Our Story

Hi, my name is Su-Mene. I first established Su's Cakes for Kicks some time back in 2004 as a home-based cake bakery. It has been quite a remarkable period, typified initially by a challenging learning curve and of late, brimming incessantly with excitement and lots of personal fulfillment.

Looking back, my career has had its fair share of twists and turns. I was originally trained as a lawyer and graduated from the English Bar. For a few good years, I had the usual dose of client interfacing, contract proof-readings and court sessions. One day, while attending a church service, God impressed heavily in my heart a special calling – a calling to serve Him full-time. It took a while to make that decision but eventually I surrendered to God (knowing full-well His plans for me are perfect), left the law profession and joined my church in PJ as a full-time staff in the Community Services division.

In the midst of these changes in my career path, I still made it a point to indulge in my favorite pastimes which were cooking and baking. I've always been fascinated on how to create the best tasting food, be it cakes, cookies or simple dinner dishes. This hobby of mine, unbeknownst to me, would later surface to play a crucial part in another cycle of my life.

After 5 years of truly satisfying and personally-rewarding full-time church work, I sensed the time had come for another major decision making. Again I sought after God''s will and felt Him pointing towards other plans for me (although I wasn't too sure what those plans were initially). However I felt at peace with the decision to take time off and "wait". During the initial period of that season, I took it easy and seized the opportunity to further reflect and spend time with God. As weeks and months went by, doors gradually opened for me to establish (on a small scale) my home-based cake bakery in 2004.

I don't really consider myself an expert in the art of baking. So it was indeed a testimony of God's goodness that He took hold of my favourite pastime and turned it into a venture I could not have conceptualized on my own. Yes, it wasn't easy at first but again God is good. His blessings abound and not too long after starting the home-bakery I introduced my own version of the Durian cheese cake – which quickly became popular with many of my customers. They adored the unique blend of pungent aromas (cheese and durian!!) which quite simply warms the heart and stirs their imagination. My customers also began trying and equally loving my other creations such as the Lychee cheese cake, Mango cheese cake, Chocolate Velvet cake, Pineapple Upside Down and many others.

I am happy to testify that God has indeed blessed me tremendously, fulfilling so many of His promises these past few years – especially in my personal life (that is of course a story for another day). As for my home-bakery, I continue to run Su's Cakes for Kicks from my home with a small team of skilled and dedicated staff.


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