Chilled Cheese Cake Promo (31st March to 31st Sept 2010)

To express our appreciation to all our regular customers and also to alleviate the price increase which comes into affect on 31st March 2010, we are offering a promotion on our chilled cheese cakes. From 31st March 2010 to 31st Sept 2010, once your total purchases reach RM800 of any cake variety (for example about 9.4 cakes of the 1.5kg chilled cheese cake category), you will be entitled to a RM50 discount on ONE CHILLED CHEESE CAKE of your choice.

You'll have to accumulate a total purchase of RM800 between 31st March 2010 to 31st Sept 2010 to qualify for the offer.

And if you so happen to have spent more i.e. RM1,600 within the time period, you'll be entitled to purchase 2 chilled cheesecakes at RM50 discount each (and so on etc).

We trust you'll easily comprehend the mathematics on the benefits.

Note - This promotion will end on 31st Sept 2010


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